Tickety Boo Café

Located in Malvern, Victoria.

A café where you can sit down for a specialty coffee and enjoy breakfast or lunch.

We try our best to source fresh local produce to cater for you.


House Blend: Espressist Libertango


50% Peru La Convención

50% Guatemalan Huehuetenango washed

Tasting Note

With fascinating flare our Peruvian coffee leads the show with substantial red fruit and winey-ness and is complemented by a thick body Guatemalan offering a strong, smooth and supportive, chocolate and caramel finish. This formidable blend is powerful and bold as an espresso and once added to with Milk, makes for a rich and complex latte or flat white.

Single Origin: Composition VII

Tasting Note

This AICA Silver Medal Winner 2016 is the most significant we have imagined to date - so much so that we insist this is to be free from any ascribed tasting notes, this coffee deserves to be enjoyed without preconceptions - but rather be judged by your own experience of the taste itself. Like art, it is to be interpreted for what the drinker tastes, allowing you to draw your own flavour interpretations.


A shot (30ml) of espresso capped with a honey brown crown called the "crema".


The first 15-20ml of espresso. It is full and naturally sweet bodied intense flavoured.


A shot of expresso with a dash of hot/cold milk and a dob of foam in the center.

Long Macchiato

Double shot of expresso with a dash of hot/cold milk and a dob of foam in the center.

Long Black

Cappuccino cup with ⅔ hot water and flout double shot of espresso from a double group handle on top of the water.

Café Latte

A shot of expresso with warm milk, capped with creamy foam top.


Combined a shot of espresso with ⅔ velvety foam milk.

Flat White

A shot of espresso with ⅔ hot milk, capped with velvety foam milk.

Picocolo Latte

Ristretto with with velvety foam milk. Served in a small latte glass.


Double Ristretto with with ⅔ velvety foam milk. Served in a small latte glass.

Mörk 70% Original Dark Mocha

A shot of espresso and two spoons of Mörk 70% Original Dark mixed with warm velvety foam milk.

Iced Coffee

House brewed served with vanilla ice cream.

Cold Drip

A full flavoured coffee that retains the unique flavours by dripping for 8 hours.

Soy, almond milk, coconut milk available.


11am - 3pm

Polenta Dusted Calamari.....18.0

Southern calamari, house made chilli oil marinade, dusted in polenta served with grilled lime & Asian salad.

Buttermilk Chicken.....17.0

Crispy buttermilk chicken, avocado, salsa served on soft tortilla with rosemary aioli & potato chips.

Porterhouse Steak Sandwich.....19.0

180g grass fed porterhouse steak, tomato, lettuce, cheddar cheese with dijon mustard & tomato relish on Noîsette chiabatta.

Pulled Lamb Burger.....12.0

Slow cooked pulled lamb, cabbage slaw, pickled dill cucumber & spiced BBQ sauce in a black brioche bun. Served with sweet potato chips and chilli aioli.

Soup Of The Day.....9.9

Freshly made daily. Served with a slice of Noîsette sourdough. Check with our staff for today’s soup.


Noîsette Toasts

Butter / Jam.....5.5
Honey / Nuttela / Vegmite / Housemade organic peanut butter.....6.5

Noîsette Croissant

Plain croissant.....5.0
Ham &cheese croissant.....7.0
Amond croissant with raspberry jam.....5.0

Noîsette Muffin.....4.5


Mörk 70% Original Dark Chocolate Hot/Iced

Notes of stone fruit, almonds and ripe berries are rounded off with hints of toffee and lingering dark chocolate.

Honey Soaked Wet Chai Latte/Iced

Natural ingredients with nothing artificial. Honey soaked. Best with soy.

Matcha Latte/Iced Matcha

Fragrant and leafy taste of matcha green tea powder from Kyoto, Japan. Certified organic.

Hot/Iced Yuzu

Honey citrus fruit drink with an aromatic taste.

Tea Drop

Black Tea

Royal Ceylon Breakfast / Lavender grey

Green Tea

Green Honeydew

Herbal Tea

Lemongrass and Ginger / Chamomile Blossoms / Peppermint

Orange Juice

Freshly squeezed.

Green Juice

Our staff will tell you what's fresh today.

Breakfast Smoothies

Oats, almonds, flax seeds, Bonsoy, shot of espresso, cinnamon, Mörk 70% Original Dark and Pure 30gm of grass fed whey protein isolate.


Opening Hours

Tuesday - Sunday
7.00am - 3.00pm

We accept cash and credit card.